Call for videographers

© Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
December 18, 2023

CLARISSA is seeking the services of a videography team to undertake a two-day, accompanied shoot in Dhaka (exact location to be decided) in January 2024.

Shoot logistics will be handled by the project’s Dhaka partner, which will set up interviews, identify an appropriate location for the interviews, liaise with the community, and accompany the crew for the duration of the shoot. The team needs to be Bangla- and English- speaking, able to travel within Dhaka, to have experience working with different people from different backgrounds, and able to maintain a discreet and respectful presence in communities.

The application deadline is 7th January 2024.

Download the Terms of Reference to find out more.



Due dates are tentative and dependent upon the time contact signed. 

Outputs  Timeline  
Application deadline 7th January 2024 
2-day shoot  Between 15th and 31st January 2024 
Send completed footage to South Africa    31st January 2024