Action Research podcast series

CLARISSA researchers have worked with Action Research podcast hosts Adam Stieglitz and Joe Levitan on a series of podcasts to outline our approach.

In the first podcast in the series recorded in 2021, Systemic Action Research with Dr. Danny Burns and Dr. Marina Apgar Adam and Joe discuss with Danny and Marina what AR looks like on the ground, and specifically in a large-scale project. What does the creation process look like? How does this huge collaborative team work reflexively in this AR framework?

In the second CLARISSA episode, recorded in June 2023 More on Systemic Action Research with Dr. Danny Burns and Dr. Marina Apgar Danny and Marina discuss how the project went about understanding issues based on the lived experience of the children—starting with an extensive life story collection and analysis process. They share experience of the team working with stakeholders in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal and leather supply chain in Bangladesh (such as the employers of the children, business owners, parents and guardians) explaining how action research can be an implementation modality that can help co-researchers respond to complex problems such as these.

The third episode ‘Voices from the field’ will be a conversation with CLARISSA researchers from Bangladesh and Nepal who will give their reflections and experiences with facilitating and documenting AR groups.