Social protection

The CLARISSA Cash Plus intervention

© Credit: Photo taken by Raj Debnath, Lead Community Mobiliser in Bangladesh

Social protection, and cash transfers especially, have been found to have many positive impacts on families’ lives and are now widely recognised as a cornerstone of any prosperous, fair society. The CLARISSA Cash Plus intervention is an innovative social protection scheme for tackling social ills, including the worst forms of child labour (WFCL).  

Combining intensive needs-based and people-centred community mobilisation and case work with monthly cash transfers it aims to support people in a poor neighbourhood in Dhaka to build their individual, family, and group capacities to meet their needs. An increase in capacities is expected to lead to a corresponding decrease in deprivation and community-identified social issues that negatively affect wellbeing, including WFCL. 

The CLARISSA Cash Plus intervention is unique and innovative in its universal and unconditional design. It is built on the assumption that individuals, families, and communities are best placed to identify and prioritise needs, and that the provision of open-ended, emergent support in combination with unconditional cash can enable people to find the best ways to meet those needs. 

In contrast to individually targeted schemes, providing support to everyone in a given community creates a context that facilitates collaboration and collective action, which targeted programmes are unlikely to achieve, making the intervention more effective and sustainable.  

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