Call to create practitioner focused resources, guidance and tools on child centred and child-led programming

June 16, 2023

To help NGOs, grassroots organizations and practitioners enable children to become agents of change in their communities, we are inviting consultants / a group of consultants to synthesize and transform data and evidence from the CLARISSA programme into readily accessible, practitioner-focused resources on child-centred and child-led programming.

The aim of the CLARISSA Consortium (Child Labour: Action-Research-Innovation in South and South-Eastern Asia) is to build a strong evidence base and generate innovative solutions to enable children to avoid hazardous, exploitative labour in Bangladesh and Nepal. CLARISSA’s methodology is systemic Action Research, and the Action Research groups we are running in both countries, comprising children in the worst forms of child labour (WFCL), are engines of innovation, developing their own local evidence base and then taking actions to address concerns.

CLARISSA has produced a vast amount of research evidence on how to use child-centred approaches to reveal the driving factors behind an issue (in this case, child labour) and how and in what contexts effective and child-driven innovations can be generated. However, due to the research focus of the program, most of CLARISSA’s publications to date are academic in nature and not tailored for or directly applicable in the work of the ‘practitioners’ community. 

We are offering a consultancy of up to 50 days, depending on rate, over nine months from July 2023, to address this gap through the synthesis and transformation of our data and evidence for the practitioner community.

Who should apply? 

  • Individuals or organisations with demonstrable experience of conducting user needs assessment and of synthesizing data and evidence into readily accessible, practitioner-focused guidance, tools and training resources on child-centered and child-led programming 
  • Individuals or organisations with a good understanding of, and commitment to, participatory processes and child rights

 Download the Terms of Reference to find out more.



  • Conduct online workshops with / conduct a digital survey targeting selected global practitioners 
  • Participate in a major CLARISSA learning event in Nepal – 21-25 August 2023 
  • Analyse findings / user needs 
  • Synthesise existing CLARISSA products 
  • Produce new products targeted at practitioners  
  • Dissemination of new products, in collaboration with CLARISSA communications colleagues 



Who  What  When / deadline 
Applicants  Submit applications to CLARISSA  2nd July 11.59pm 
CLARISSA  Select and notify applicants for interview   

6th July 

CLARISSA  Interviews and final selection   

July 13th 




Identifying user’s needs, plus short write up of recommendations and next steps. Includes (ideally) attendance at a workshop in Nepal from 21st to 25th August 


October 31st 
Consultants  Production and dissemination of new products  March 30th, 2024