How can we tackle child labour by 2025?

On the World Day Against Child Labour, there is a call to action to end child labour by 2025, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals ambitions. But is this realistic?

We asked our partners in Bangladesh, Nepal and the Consortium for Street Children to explain why global actors must focus on the worst forms of child labour, in the informal sector specifically. They also explained the importance of taking a child-centred approach in finding solutions and generating innovations for better and safer work for children.

Kushum Sharma talks about CLARISSA’s distinct approach and the worst forms of child labour in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal.

Lizet Vlamings (Director of Programmes and Advocacy for the Consortium for Street Children and Advocacy Lead for CLARISSA) highlights the risk of imposing child labour bans which could push child labour into hidden spaces.

Riaz Khan (Senior Participatory Action Researcher, CLARISSA Bangladesh) explains that the worst forms of child labour severely violates the rights of the child.

Azmi Akter, Communications and Advocacy Coordinator, CLARISSA Bangladesh highlights the need to focus on the informal sectors in the leather sector in Bangladesh.