APPG on Street Children inquiry: The ‘small business’ of child labour

© Credit: Photo by Lena Varzar on Unsplash

Large, multinational businesses are typically at the heart of conversations about tackling child labour, yet we are increasingly aware that the most dangerous and exploitative child labour in the world is taking place in small and informal businesses, which often operate outside the formal framework.

Join us for a reflection on what progress has been made, and what challenges remain, for both big and small businesses, and what the key differences are in their ability to tackle the use of child labour.


The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Street Children is an informal cross-party group of MPs and Peers who are interested in promoting the rights of street children worldwide and raising awareness of the issues they face. The APPG is launching an inquiry into child labour. Children in street situations are disproportionately likely to be involved in child labour, including the most dangerous and exploitative forms of work. This inquiry will attempt to understand what continues to drive children into dangerous and exploitative labour, and what more can be done by the UK government to prevent it.

The Inquiry will consist of both live evidence sessions, and written evidence, and will culminate in a report to the UK Government. You can submit information to our Call for Evidence here.

The APPG on Street Children convenes meetings in Parliament to discuss issues and share information about street-connected children worldwide,  and communicates concerns to parliamentarians, ambassadors and governments.

This is our second of three sessions, focusing on the small businesses within the informal sector. This session will hear from those with experience of some of the smallest and most hidden businesses, as well as bigger businesses with larger resources, to examine the role the UK can play in addressing this often-hidden issue.


June 30, 2022
Date and Time:
20 July 2022 14:00